Big Tomb Island Ant Attack

About This Project


Issue We solved

A family bought a log cottage on an Island in Georgian Bay.  Owners called Pekka and his team to do an inspection on the condition of the Pan-Abode log cottage. The home had been painted in gray house paint which hid carpenter ants and the condition of the logs, having an entire wall infested with ants, to the point a fist could go right through the wall! 

The island was a 30 minute boat ride from the nearest marina, making it a challenge to bring the required tools and materials to complete the project. To carry the specialized equipment and replacement wood beams, we rented a boat taxi and barge to get there. Storms and the location made it difficult to get there, so at one point we camped there for 5 days while fixing the issue.



Solution / Result

The solution was to media-blast the paint off the cottage to expose the logs and assess the infestation issue.  The entire wall required replacing, which was difficult due to the Pan-Abode log profile being an out of production.

Our team was able to research and locate some replacement logs and was able to maintain the Integrity of the home.

We were able to source the original logs and replace the wall.



Interesting facts

The cottage was off grid so required a generator to be brought to the site.  Not to mention the challenges working on an off grid and on an island (with a few snakes).